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  • Why Aqua-Tech
    Aqua-Tech Services, LLC listens to their customers' needs, utilizing the experience we have to find the most cost-effective, timely, and suitable solution for our clients.
  • Electronics
    Aqua-Tech Services, LLC offers a full line of marine electronics equipment. Our skilled technicians are committed to maintaining every piece of equipment in outstanding working condition.
  • Mechanical
    Our Mechanical Department stresses our operation's model of making forward-looking improvements and maintenance precautions that separate Aqua-Tech Services, LLC from any of our competitors.
  • Custom Fabrication
    Our Custom Fabrication & Machining team is committed to listening to your needs, determining the most successful and cost efficient option, and producing a product that surpasses your expectation from concept to completed work. 
  • Sales/Distributors
    Aqua-Tech Services' relationships are our greatest assets. From every employee in the company to every customer in the industry, these relationships drive our success, programs, and growth. Learn more about the manufacturers we distribute for and our sales team.
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Aqua-Tech Services would like to congratulate EATON OIL TOOLS on their 96" cut using the Abrasive Smart Tool. (Taylor Guidry featured inside the pipe).
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