Head Consultant
Consulting GroupLed by Paige Melancon, who found an interest and his first paying fabrication job at age 11, this team of engineering minds proves to be the most forward-thinking and challenge driven in the industry. With over 65 years combined experience, they offer vast knowledge, years of overseeing fabrication projects, and a passion for craftsmanship unlike anywhere else.

"This branch of Aqua-Tech Services came about from a need for someone who not only knew fabrication but understood our business. After numerous outsourced jobs to local fabrication companies, one thing became abundantly clear. The trial and error process with fabrication companies that did not truly understand our needs was both costly and inefficient.

We decided then, there was a need in our industry that we were able to fulfill. An added bonus to having an in-house Fabrication and Machining department has been the ease with which we can improve on already existing equipment and design new solution as situations arise.

We are happy to put our skills to work for our customers and look forward to our next challenge!"

Charles E. Duplechain, Jr., seen on the far right, began his Machining education in 1985 and has earned a reputation in his field for his precision, his attention to detail, his integrity, and his overall abilities to build what others only envision. His skills include, in part, manual lathe, manual milling machine, Hurco CNC Mill, Warner & Swasey Automatics, Mazak T Plus Control, Mazak 640 Fusion Control, welding, carpentry, electrical work, anodizing, and even plumbing.



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