Quality Control Program
"Our goal is to achieve a level of service that is a Standard of Excellence in our Industry. We provide the highest-quality equipment to ensure every customer experiences the least amount of down-time possible and has no unexpected expenses. Our team is dedicated to making sure our electronic and mechanical equipment, whether rented or purchased, arrives in outstanding working condition. Every piece of equipment goes through a complete and thorough quality control inspection known as the "Triple Check Protocol".

The Aqua-Tech "Triple Check Protocol"

Check 1: Detailed Visual Inspection
Keeping a maintenance history of all equipment, allows us to quickly find any external damage or potential safety issues.

Check 2: Equipment Testing
Equipment is tested to ensure it meets all of our quality control standards and goes through routine maintenance to guarantee optimal performance on every job.

A qualified technician and/or mechanic documents the success or failure of all equipment before tagging each piece. We have a Q/C form(s) for each department and keep on file the history of all its Q/C & Maintenance Logs.

Color Tag System

  • Yellow Tag - Checked in and being processed through the quality control program.
  • Green Tag - Equipment has passed ALL tests and is approved to go out on a job. It is considered "Shelf Ready"
  • Red Tag - Equipment has been put through the quality control program and has NOT been approved to go out to a customer. It will require further testing from our technicians. This equipment is put on a quarantined shelf separate from all other equipment.

Check 3: Assurance Check
Before any equipment goes out to a customer, it is tested one last time by a trained technician to make sure it is in OPTIMAL WORKING CONDITION.




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