About Us

A Standard of Excellence amongst marine equipment rental companies

Aqua-Tech Services, LLC provides marine electronics and mechanical equipment with a commitment to safety, quality control, and the utmost satisfaction of each customer.

Experience, Knowledge, and Drive are the key components that brought together Scott Haydel, Paige Melancon, and Shawn Taylor, and have become the foundation of our company. Since 2008, our goal has been to build a dynamic, multifaceted equipment rental and sales company that can serve our customer's every need. To further advance this goal, in June of 2009, Aqua-Tech Services, LLC added a custom fabrication and machining department - complete with a knowledgeable consulting team and an experienced staff that can bring any design in our industry to life.

At Aqua-Tech Services, LLC our primary objective is to listen to the need of our client, utilize the experience we have available to evaluate the situation, put forth our "Nothing is Impossible" approach, and find the most cost-effective, timely, and suitable solution. We guarantee dependable electronic and mechanical equipment and ingenuity unlike anywhere else.

Our professional sales team is driven to build long-term relationships through the reputation we've earned and sustain... one of trust and reliability. We are available 24/7 and look forward to putting our team to work for YOU.

6 Core Values that keep us performing at our highest level and set us apart from our competitors.

Customers First
Lead By Example
Team Work
Grow or Die

Mission Statement:

Through the dedication of our employees, the integrity of our quality control and safety programs and the work ethics ingrained in our company, we achieve a level of service that is a standard of excellence in our industry.



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