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Pipe & Cable Tracking
Smartrack 3Used in the ROV and Survey industries, the Smartrack is an ever evolving product line of submarine cable and pipeline location, tracking, and survey tools. The Smartrack 3 has two operating modes, passive magnetic and active DC.
TSS 440 Pipe TrackerUsed in the ROV and Survey industries, the 440 Pipe Tracker technology is proven in operation in some of the most exacting environments world-wide, and is established as the most accurate means of obtaining pipe and cable burial data.
VLocPro Pipe and Cable LocatorUsed in the Diving and Survey industries, this Pipe and Cable Locator system provides the functionality required by experienced field and the simplicity needed by novices. The system has a classic look with an intuitive user interface designed to minimize training needed when transition from other manufacturers’ equipment.


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